vendredi 25 avril 2008

Our supposedly declining place in the world?

Aren't you a little tired of being constantly told by the US and UK media about our supposedly declining place in the world?

Yeah, it's declined. It went from the country being viewed as having the most positive influence in the world in 2005 to second most in 2006 to 3rd most last year.

We're still 3rd most, though.

Only one country (Turkey) continues to have a majority seeing French influence as mainly negative. Worldwide, though, less than one quarter (22%) view it as negative.

Meanwhile, the US' positive influence is ranked below that of India, China, and Russia.

And that's an improvement from last year, when only 30% of the people being polled found it positive (34% this year.)

Let's note that once again, the old stereotype of Frenchies being the most anti-American country in Europe doesn't hold: Spain, Germany (by a lot) and even the UK have a more negative view of the US' influence than France. Canada and Mexico, the US' neighbors, also unambiguously judge the US more negatively.

To be fair, the U.S.' view of France has improved a lot in the last year as well, jumping 10 points (48% positive, 29% negative.)

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