lundi 7 janvier 2008

Bush is french!

John [Jean] Martin [Martain, Mautin] (1674 France-after 1738) and Margaret LeCaze [Lacase, Cayce] (--after 1744?)
A list of Huguenot prisoners at the Citadelles de Marseille includes "Jean Martin natif de las Ondes prés de St. Martin de Courconas en Sevenes agée 21 ans fut pris dans sa maison Le 7 Mars 1692 pour avoir donné de vivres aidé pauvre Relig. fugitifs. Pour cele condemné á Montpeilier Le 15 dud. mois aux Galéres perpètuelles, ou il arriva enfin Le 20 dud. mois de mars 1692 auquel lieu il persèvre en la confession du St.Nom de Jésus." [Les Galéres de France et les Galériens Protestants des XVII et XVIII Siècles, Gaston Tournier, III, 353.] Basically it says that Jean Martin native of Las Ondes near St. Martin de Courconas in Sevenes (in Cevannes) 21 years old was taken prisoner in his house the 7th of March 1692 for having given life (aid?) to poor religious fugitives. For that he was condemned at Monpelier the 15th ? to life in prison or the galleys, where he arrived finally the 20th of March 1692 at which place he persevered in confessing the name of Jesus. Another source [ The Torments of Protestant Slaves in the French King's Galleys, & in the Dungeons of Marseilles, 1686-1707] lists Jean Martin of Cevennes as sentenced to the galley ship the "Magnanime" or "Magnanimous" [ironic!] in 1692. I assume this is the same person. Obviously, he did escape.

Jean Martin arrived on the Peter and Anthony, the second ship arriving in 1700, listing as living with Isaac Lefevre in 1701. He is listed as eventually having a number of slaves. He had more French patents than anyone else (#894, 895, 897, 900, 908) and the largest total acreage, 1298 acres. (See Cabell's book for a map of his grant holdings; the largest grant included the land around the present Old Gun Road). He and Margaret were married by 11/1/1703 in Manakintown VA (although Cobb, Register of Huguenot Ancestors, says they married in 1697). As dowry his wife brought land with coal pits on it (#903), inherited from her father, James [born in Nare, Guienne, France C. 1675, d. 1707, m. Marguritte Coop, born in France, died before 1725, Henrico]. Jean and Margaret evidently lived north of the James River on land next to the William Randolph land (Tuckahoe plantation) at the time of his death. In 1732 the value of improvements on his plantation was 1569/5 pounds; he had 60 head of cattle then and owned only patent 900 (bequeathed to James). Margaret married John Four/Fore after her husband died.


· James, m. Janne by 1727: Jaque (9/8/1727-), Jean Pierre (7/2/1730-), Guilleaume (5/241735-)

· John (-1735/6), m. Mary Forcuron (?): William, John, Matthew

· Peter (Pierre) Martin (before 1714-1742/3 Goochland Co), m. Mary Anne Rapine (--1747) who later m. Thomas Smith: Jean

· Judith (1710-1786), m (1) Thomas Gevaudan (1702-1730): John [Jeffodon, Givodan, Jividen] (1729-Albemarle Co VA) , m (2) Rene Chastain. John married Magdalene Chastain, daughter of Pierre Chastain. Their daughter Ann married Joseph Foree; Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are descendants of this line, through Dorothy Walker Bush. ( See Legacy: A Genealogy by Chester E. Bartram)

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