lundi 7 janvier 2008

Russians carried the primary burden of winning World War II

No one should ever forget that the Russians carried the primary burden of winning World War II, losing 26 million of their people in the process. More than the present population of Australia. A level of death, destruction and misery on a scale unprecedented in human history.

When Hitler failed to smash Britain with his blitz, he unleashed on Russia the full might of his army and air force, then the largest in history. What followed was carnage and human suffering on an unimaginable scale as the Russian people absorbed his ferocious power. A battering they took for four solid years before a second front was opened in the west at Normandy.

History tells us that the Russian people, with all resolution, summoned all human strength and resources to repel the Nazis, right down through the bloody battles of East Prussia and into Berlin.

Without that Russian sacrifice, Europe could never have been liberated from the west.


Paul Keating.
(former prime minister of Australia)

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