dimanche 27 janvier 2008

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins (French: La Marche de l'empereur; literally The Emperor's March) is a commercially and critically successful French nature documentary film which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. It was directed and co-written by Luc Jacquet, and co-produced by Bonne Pioche and the National Geographic Society.
It took one year to shoot the movie, which was filmed around the French scientific base of Dumont d'Urville in Adélie Land.
The original French language release features dialog "dubbed" as if it were spoken by the penguins themselves.
The English language release was given a more straightforward narration by American actor Morgan Freeman.



The only thing i didn't like (in the french version) was the boring music by emilie simon. Fortunately it has been recorded in a studio, the penguins didn't have to suffer that...

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